We all need help sometimes!

Services include:

    • Monthly / quarterly bookkeeping
    • Cloud software
    • VAT registration
    • Scheme advice – flat rate, annual etc
    • VAT returns
    • MTD compliant

    Bookkeeping is often seen as the poor relative of the accounting world but oh no you could not be more wrong.  You cannot get quality out if you don’t have quality in and this where a good bookkeeper can be worth their weight in gold – literally.

    People have this notion that as long as it’s all on a spreadsheet, it will be fine.  It can be a bumpy ride using spreadsheets so roll your sleeves up, strap in and we will guide you through double entry bookkeeping, yawn.

    Using a cloud based software package this will automatically keep the books in check for you and enable both of us to see the books in real time, now that’s exciting !

    If you want to keep costs down and do the bookkeeping yourself, we will explain how to keep your books properly so that information can be lifted without extra time being spent.

    We do not encourage our clients to do their own VAT returns as keeping up with the rules is time consuming and quite boring. Your time is much better spent elsewhere and errors in this area could cost you dearly.